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Staying connected Overseas


Travel tips for you, from the experts 

Know what’s happening at the other end

Different countries approach Wi-Fi very differently. Some countries have easily accessible public Wi-Fi, in others you’ll be stuck if you’re relying on a public network. And they’re not necessarily the ones you might expect, as anyone who’s travelled to Japan and tried to connect will tell you. Do your research before you go, so that you can prepare appropriately.

Don’t make financial transactions over open networks

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is be handy but it also puts you at risk. If you do need to connect make sure that you’re limiting the kinds of things you’re doing online. As always, don’t give out personal information over email and make sure you’re only logging into the sites you absolutely need to use.

Change your passwords

Using secure passwords and keeping them updated is especially important while you’re travelling. Consider using a password keeper to auto generate secure passwords and make it easy to regularly update your passwords.

Unlock before you go

If you’re planning to buy or use a SIM card overseas (which can be an excellent way to make savings) don’t forget to check that your phone is unlocked. You’ll need to contact your provider to make sure. Once it is, you can change out your SIM no problem. Don’t forget that SIM cards come in three sizes! Make sure you’re buying the right one for your model.

Shop around   If you’re a regular traveller, finding a great deal on roaming is really important. When you’re signing up to your next phone plan, ask the question about how the provider approaches roaming. The cost varies wildly and making small savings on each trip can really add up.