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Travel: the health boost you didn’t know about

Positive family running with fun on the sunset beach

We know that travel broadens the mind, but it also has great benefits for your body and wellbeing.

Lower stress levels

Our fast paced lives mean stress, stress, stress. In your day-to-day life, diet and exercise can go a long way to helping you deal with stress, but a trip is the perfect way to take a complete break from it.

In fact, surveys from the Global Coalition on Aging suggest that you switch off faster than you may think. They found that 89% of travellers are able to leave work stress behind after being away just two days.

To lower your stress, it’s vital to plan your holiday properly. A poorly planned holiday can increase your stress exponentially. Putting your holiday into the hands of the experts not only means that you get the benefits of their insider knowledge, it also means that you’re worrying about which drink to order, not whether the hotel you booked actually exists.

Different activities

At home you’re probably in a reasonably set fitness routine. On a trip, you have the opportunity to try different kinds of exercise, whether that’s swimming, kayaking, or yoga. Finding a new form of exercise that you love is the best way to inject some variety and increase your motivation. Don’t miss the opportunity to exercise with your travel companions too- trying someone else’s routine is a great way to mix it up!

Even if you decide to use the time to take a complete break, being on holiday often involves more activity than you’d fit into a day at home. Even a walk along a sandy beach is a great way to engage your body and your mind.

Deeper connections

If you’re travelling solo, this is a great chance to make new connections and meet friends. The empowerment you feel from travelling alone and discovering new things about yourself is a wonderful thing to bring back into your life.

For group travellers, this is an opportunity to deepen your bonds and create shared experiences. While it can sometimes be an exercise in cooperation as you balance the interests of each person, together you’ll create a trip that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

And if you’re travelling with your partner, this is valuable time for romantic reconnection. Travel can enrich your relationship, while you share experiences and make decisions together. It’s an important opportunity to remember what’s important in your life together and set goals going forward.

A chance to renew

Your trip is a great opportunity to rejuvenate. Many destinations offer healing extras. These could be naturally occurring like mineral springs, which you find in countries like Iceland, New Zealand and Japan. Many resorts will have an on-site spa, so that you can combine your trip with therapeutic massage or other treatments. Or, choose a health-centred holiday package, which your travel consultant can help with.

Looking for something different? Try an ancient healing site and build your itinerary around places like Stonehenge, Uluru or the ancient civilisations of the Incas, which are prized for their energy.