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Here’s the best way to create the perfect holiday

When you want to create a perfect holiday, a travel agent is key to helping you realise your dream.

Travel is a precious thing. It means money spent, leave taken from our jobs or our business, careful timing taken with school holidays, and hours and hours of research and planning. Whether you’re returning to an old favourite, hitting a new spot, or thinking about something new, like taking a cruise, the time you spend travelling should be special.

But travel can also feel risky. When it comes to travel research, it’s hard to know what’s credible and what we should trust. Reviews online aren’t always reliable, and let’s face it, photos can lie. Even talking to friends and family about their experiences can be tough- we all know that someone’s personal tastes and travel styles will affect the kind of holiday they choose, and how much they enjoy it.

When you’re making an investment of your money, your time and taking the most important people in the world with you, you want to make sure that things are done properly.

This is where using your travel agent makes the difference.

What does a travel agent do?

From the earliest planning stage, right through to when your plane lands at the end of the trip, they can help you by suggesting tips, tricks, hacks and sharing their knowledge.

After all, a travel agent is a travel agent because travel is their passion. They have chosen a profession that lets them share that passion with other people. They have an intimate knowledge of everything that adds up to a wonderful holiday- including the ‘little’ things: the airport transfers, the WiFi situation, the suitability of one resort for a particularly picky eater, and the exact amount of time to leave to make a tricky connection. You can, of course, search online for these things, but it’s hard to get the whole picture.

Plus, with a boutique firm like Rheom you have the added layer of security because our team take the trips that we have on offer. We can recommend a solution that perfectly fits you and the people in your life.

When should I talk to a travel agent?

You can approach your travel agent with a destination in mind, or just give us a time period or a budget and let us suggest great options for you. If it’s just you, your family or even a bigger group, we can work to your specifications.

Plus, because we’re real people, not search engines, we can also handle information that’s a little more complex. Like the dietary needs of of your family, or the fact that your husband loves to play golf but you’d rather see the inside of a gallery. And if it’s something special but secret that you’re planning, we can even help you to keep the whole thing a surprise.

Isn’t it more expensive to use a travel agent?

Using a travel agent doesn’t make your trip more expensive. In fact, it can get you much better value for money, as you create a trip that you’re happier with. Plus we can find specials that you can’t see online, and help you get the most value from your Airpoints and loyalty programs. And, if you consider your time as being valuable, well, using a travel agent is probably the best investment you can make.

What if something goes wrong?

This is where your travel agent is worth their weight in gold. A travel agent isn’t just there for the good times. If something does go wrong while you’re away, whether it’s a cancelled flight or something more serious, you can access support that you wouldn’t otherwise have, no matter what country you’re in at the time..

Oh, and importantly, you can’t do what we do without having a sense of humour! And for a spot of travel agent fun, we can’t get past this video:

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