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Rheom Travel tips: 6 multi-tasking items to pack on your next holiday

A pillbox

If you take vitamins or other medication, using a pill container lets you leave the heavy bottles at home and measure out your tablets into daily doses. A pillbox is also the perfect way to bring along an earring selection. And the bonus? If you’re packing light, the more (lightweight) accessories you take, the more ‘new’ outfits you can create. Maybe you need to take two!

Cotton wool pads

Not only are cotton wool pads invaluable for freshening up mid-flight, they’re also the key to saving your makeup bag. It’s all too common to arrive and find that a cake of blush, foundation or eyeshadow hasn’t survived the journey. Placing a cotton pad can keep them from smashing.

Noise-cancelling headphones

While an investment, these headphones do double duty by not only playing music, or audio books, while you’re awake, but when you’re ready for bed, the noise cancellation is key. Pop them on, and tune out, while you enjoy the envy of your seatmates.

A USB cord

You’ll be able to charge your e-reader, phone, and more from the same cord. Don’t forgot to pop your USB cord into your hand luggage, because you’ll often be able to plug it into the USB port in your seat and charge your phone during your flight.

Cling film

Cling film, like Glad Wrap, does serious double duty when you’re travelling. If you’re worried about your toiletry bottles leaking in your luggage, a layer of cling film over the neck will keep the contents where they should be. Plus, wrapping delicate jewellery like necklaces in cling film keeps them from tangling or getting scratched.

A pillow case

Bringing your own pillowcase can make getting to sleep in a new place just that bit easier. But even if it’s not pressed into use on a pillow, a pillowcase makes the perfect laundry bag.