Rheom Travel and Eden

Rheom travel has partnered with Eden in an initiative to give back. We’re proud to announce we will donate $1 from each booking to this fantastic charity. Read on to find out more.

Did you know that Human Trafficking continues to be the fastest growing criminal industry in the world today? Did you know that it generates $USD 190 Billion every year? According to the International Labour Organisation, 75% of human trafficking victims are women and girls trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation and forced marriage.

At Rheom Travel we are committed to taking a stand against these horrendous crimes and have chosen to partner with Eden Australia in order to have a direct impact into the lives and futures of Human Trafficking survivors. By donating $1 for every booking made through our agency we are making a difference and equipping and empowering girls and women for a bright future beyond grave trauma and exploitation.

Eden holds a vision of a world in which no one is bought or sold and with more than 40 million victims of modern slavery around the world, we are committed to calling the nations to speak up until all are free.

Eden serves in 6 locations across Asia to reach individuals who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced marriage. Eden brings hope, advocacy, support, and dignity through offering safe homes and environments where program participants live, work and train for their future.

Eden operates an international jewellery business as part of our vocational training program and this provides economic empowerment to women, families and entire communities.

Learn more about how you can also join our fight for freedom and justice by visiting thisiseden.org