Dear Marnie…

Dear Marnie,

Now that the holiday …and the jet lag……. Is over, I want to thank you for the careful planning that you put into the organisation of our trip.

Everything has gone well; thank you for your attention to detail, and for ensuring that we had a realistic timetable, with transport organised wherever necessary.

The Women’s tour of Provence was marvellous. I have written to Faye congratulating her on a wonderful itinerary. It was such a great experience, and lots of fun as well. I’m sure people will get sick of my talking about the trip to Provence, but it was , simply, excellent.

All other parts of our trip went well. The other event that I want to highlight is the trip to The Battlefields of The Somme. The company with whom we travelled, ie Cobbers Tours was very, very good. Our guide, Colin Gillard was a passionate WW1 historian, quite the right person for that job. I know there are a number of companies running such excursions, but I couldn’t have been happier. Our day was great.

A great itinerary, with care taken for the intricacies of international travel.

Thank you Marnie,