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North India Gourmet

The assortment of cuisines in India is such that your head will reel with choices. It would be unfair perhaps to sort out a few cities in India that outshine others in gastronomy, but since we want to be nice to your stomach as well, we struggled to pick some.  We believe cuisine is not only about the taste – the experience is incomplete without the perfect ambience & the typical manner in which the food is served. Indian food is mostly quite spicy by western standards. We have only made suggestions as it is practically not possible to taste everything in just 9 days tour.  The guests decide their own menu from the options available. Those who have weak bellies & those who would want to avoid street food can make their own choices.

The itinerary for sure will get your saliva drooling.  Besides the amazing taste, you carry back home a few recipes you learn at cooking classes and some valuable tips you gather while conversing with master chefs at high end hotels. A visit to a spice plantation where you see the cultivation of various spices will be a spicy & aromatic end for your tour.

We will provide you with some digestives to take after every meal. You must have as much water and butter milk with salt and roasted cumin seeds (where ever available)

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