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The Northern Lights, Ice Hotels, Huskies



By spending 7 nights on, or above, the Arctic Circle in incredible wilderness areas, at the perfect time of year, we ensure you have the very best chances of experiencing the incredible Aurora Borealis – the famous Northern Lights. Fantastic…but there is so much more to this tour than that! This is such a picturesque Winter Wonderland with deep dry powder snow drooping off laden branches of birch and fir, winter walks along forested pathways, frozen lakes and rivers, all just waiting for you to have an amazing adventure.

To ensure we do this region justice I have included an amazing array of extraordinary ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. Each one is so memorable, so different, and that’s why I simply had to include half a dozen! From snowmobile safaris and reindeer drives to husky rides and snow shoe walking. The most astonishing? Riding on a Polar Ice Breaker ship smashing through the ice shelf far out in the Baltic Sea, then stopping for a swim! Yes… swim. Don’t worry, you will be ‘snug as a bug’ wearing ‘dry suits’ whilst you bob and float amongst the shattered ice boulders! It is such fun and so exhilarating!

Where you sleep is also so important. That is why in Kiruna we sleep in an amazing, sculptured Ice hotel, and in Kemi in incredible glass villas. Two whole walls and the ceiling are entirely made of clear glass, great at night for catching the Northern Lights whilst lying in bed! As your eyes close your last sight will be of moonlight shimmering off the white landscape of a frozen sea – the Gulf of Bothnia. What a Winter Wonderland adventure!

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